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Volunteer Management

How can we recruit and keep volunteers?
Some suggestions for finding volunteers and keeping them happy. [link]

Where should we place volunteer recruitment ads?
From "TURNING A VOLUNTEER JOB DESCRIPTION INTO A RECRUITMENT STRATEGY" on the Volunteer Program Management Mini-University [link]

How can we use the internet to recruit volunteers?
There are increasingly sophisticated websites available to help. [link]

How can we recruit volunteers with disabilities?
Online volunteering programs can allow for the greater participation of people who might find volunteering difficult or impossible because of a disability. [link]

What should NOT be included on a volunteer application form?
The Americans with Disabilities Act sets standards for recruiting and screening volunteers as well as employees. [link]

Is it important to interview volunteers?
Even though people question the value of the process, organizations will want to interview prospective volunteers. [link]

Are volunteer job descriptions necessary?
Before you ask for volunteers, be sure you understand what you will expect of them. [link]

Why is it important to recognize volunteer contributions?
Volunteers deserve the assurance that what they are doing is needed. [link]

How do we know what training our volunteers need?
The value of training can be enhanced by paying attention to the context of training for the learner. [link]

Can employees of a nonprofit also volunteer their time?
This is a very tricky problem, subject to complex rules under the Fair Labor Standards Act and many state laws. [link]

How can we assess our volunteer management practices?
Link to this handy checklist. [link]

What should we know about volunteer liability risks?
Three articles from a six-part series on common myths about the risks of using volunteers in nonprofit organizations are available online. [link]

Are there any software programs available to help keep track of volunteers?
This web site includes links to various online directories of volunteer management software. [link]

Where can we learn more about volunteer management?
Link to an on-line tutorial about volunteer management. [link]

Is there an international organization for volunteer administration?
Yes! It's called the Association of Volunteer Administration. [link]