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Is our organization ready to enter the Information Age?
At the start of the 21st century, the nonprofit world is far from ready to take full advantage of the flowering of the Information Age. [link]

What can a website do for our organization?
Like commercial endeavors, nonprofit organizations need to market themselves and their services. Nonprofit organizations can offer content consistent with their mission to serve the public. [link]

How do we find an internet access provider?
List of inexpensive worldwide Internet access providers. [link]

How do we build an effective nonprofit website?
A well-designed website is a powerful tool for communicating your ideas and building support for your issues. [link]

Where can we find free website development help?
iComm offers web hosting and email services, including multiple email addresses and mailing lists, and expert technical support-all for free. [link]

How can we use our website to improve our public relations image?
Web sites have a powerful function--to inform and create public awareness. [link]

How important is email?
It may be more important than having a website. [link]

How can we continue to improve our use of the internet?
Subscribe to this free e-newsletter. [link]

Where can we find a glossary of computing terms?
Want to know the difference between an ASP and an applet? Workz.com is for you. [link]