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General Questions

What are the basic rules of fundraising?
The first rule of fundraising is to ask. But the bigger questions are who, how and when. [link]

Why are people afraid to ask for money?
Asking people for money is both the most difficult and the most important part of fundraising. Experience has shown, however, that it is almost impossible to have a major gifts program without face-to-face solicitation of the prospective donors. [link]

Is our organization ready for fundraising?
Check our your organization's fundraising readiness. [link]

How do we hire a development director?
There's nothing like actual experience and a proven track record. Unfortunately for organizations looking for their first director of development, experience and track records cost money. [link]

How can board members help raise money?
There is no one right answer to this question, but there are a variety of suggestions in the following article. [link]

How do we develop a fundraising strategy?
Depending upon the nature of your nonprofit, the mission statement, location and even the cultural climate and popular appeal of your cause, you must decide which funding sources are most appropriate for you. [link]

How can we improve our fundraising database?
Transform your database into a powerful fundraising tool. [link]

What are the most common fundraising mistakes?
The most common fundraising pitfalls and how to avoind them. [link]

What is the cost of fundraising?
Everyone knows it takes money to raise money. But how much does it take, and what do those costs say about a charity? [link]

Should we accept credit cards?
There are definite organizational benefits. [link]

How do we get set up to accept credit cards?
Giving your donors/customers the option of making contributions or paying for products/services with credit/charge cards can make it easier for them to give to your cause. And its easy for you, too. [link]

Do we need nonprofit fundraising software?
Links to companies providing fundraising software to nonprofit organizations. [link]

How do we choose fundraising software?
With so many software packages on the market, how do you choose the one that's best for you? Some fundraisers offer a few words of advice. [link]

How can we make donors feel appreciated?
Successful donor recognition programs combine prompt and heart-felt thanks with the feel and personality of the recipient organization. [link]