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Financial Management

Does an NPO really need a treasurer?
In a volunteer-based organization, the treasurer may actually keep the books. In larger organizations, the role changes and the office may become less necessary. [link]

What is the role of a NPO treasurer?
The following description was adapted from materials from the National Center for Nonprofit Boards. [link]

How can we find a volunteer accountant?
There are some organizations that offer help in making connections. [link]

What do we need to know about Basic Accounting Principles?
To matter your finances as effectively as possible, you should at least have an understand the basic accounting process. To get an overall sense for the recurring financial activities in the typical nonprofit, read the following article. [link]

How do we prepare a budget?
The first step in the budget process is a review of program and management achievements and fiscal performance over the year just ending. [link]

What are the differences between nonprofit and for-profit accounting?
Anyone familiar with generally accepted accounting principles and practices will find most accounting for nonprofit activity to be very familiar. There are, however, some significant differences. [link]

What financial statements are nonprofits required to issue?
The Financial Accounting Standards Board issued Statement of Account Standards No.117, Financial Statements for Not-for-profit Organizations requiring nonprofits to prepare three primary financial statements. [link]

How can we allocate indirect costs to programs?
In a multi-program organization, all costs can be divided into two different types: direct and indirect. Indirect costs are those which are not easily identifiable with a specific program, but which are, nonetheless, necessary to the operation of the program. [link]

What accounting software package should we buy?
Even prior to asking this question, it is important to ask whether you should computerize your organization's accounting function at all. [link]

How much cash should we keep in reserve?
For the sake of long-term organizational and operating stability it is often desirable to build a reserve of cash. [link]

How do we place a value on donated goods?
A gift acknowledgement, or receipt, must accurately describe the gift in kind but no monetary amount should be mentioned. [link]